Public Appearances

Dr. Spiegel is available for public appearances. He has given hundreds of talks for a broad range of venues and audiences, both academic and popular.  He has also been a guest for over sixty radio and podcast interviews. Download the full CV for an extensive list of Dr. Spiegel’s past public appearances.



If you are interested in booking Dr. Spiegel for a public appearance, please fill out the form below.


Here are topics that Dr. Spiegel frequently addresses as a speaker or interviewee:

  • Philosophy of religion (the problem of evil, the doctrine of hell, divine providence, atheism, and the rationality of religious belief)
  • Intellectual virtue (especially open-mindedness and intellectual humility)
  • Contemporary moral issues (e.g., pornography, abortion, same-sex marriage)
  • Theological aesthetics (beauty and the divine nature)
  • Moral psychology (hypocrisy, self-deception, moral weakness, and the impact of the moral life on belief formation)
  • Spiritual formation (the role of the disciplines in moral-spiritual development)
  • Philosophy, theology, and history of the popular arts (especially film and rock music)